Episcopal Church of St. John the Baptist - York, PA

 Lay Leadership:

Our parish relies on the talents and leadership of our membership.  We've been blessed over many decades to have individuals willing to help.   

The Vestry and Associate Vestry are elected for terms at our Annual Parish meeting.   In addition we have a number of standing committee's who help attend to the many activities.

The following is a listing of current lay leadership.  

  Parish Leadership

Anne D. Moul, Senior Warden

William E. Rosevear, Junior Warden

Susan M. Ariail, Clerk of the Vestry

David C. Hogeman, Treasurer

Steven L. Alwine, Assistant Treasurer


Vestry Members:

Steven L. Alwine (2015)

Susan M. Ariail (2014)

Nathan F. Bortner (2015)

Michael W. Dellinger (2016)

Karen C. Gleba (2015)

Susan W. Hack (2016)

Michael S. Kearns (2016)

Dr. John Mathai (2016)

Anne D. Moul (2014)

Susan G. Robertson (2015)

William E. Rosevear (2014)

Brian Wood (2014)

 Associate Vestry Members:

P. Brian Floyd, Associate Vestry Chairperson (2015)

Mark B. Lutz, Associate Vestry Vice-Chairperson (2014)

Richard A. Ensminger, Jr., Associate Vestry Treasurer (2015)

Kristine M. Potter, Associate Vestry Secretary (2014)

Charles D. Atwood (2016)

Michael W. Dellinger (2015)

Barbara Froman (2016)

James Hicks (2014)

Linda S. Lopez (2016)

Alyson M. Murray (2015)

 Committee Chairs:

R. Eric Menzer, Acolyte Director

Ann M. Kordenbrock, Altar Guild

William E. Rosevear, Buildings and Grounds Committee Chair

Thomas G. Russell, Communications and Evangelism Committee Chair

William C. Holly, Finance & Investment Committee Chair

R. Eric Menzer, Lectors and Chalicers

Dan Wagner, Outreach Committee Chair

David R. Confer, Planned Giving Committee Chair

Nathan F. Bortner and Brian Wood, Stewardship Committee Co-Chairs